Teen Vogue: The Last Teenagers on Isle de Jean Charles, An Island Climate Change Is Washing Away

Juliette Brunet and her family live on an island that is shrinking as Louisiana’s sea levels rise.

A black swoosh of mascara and a curve of eyeliner. Juliette Brunet (Choctaw) pouts at herself in the mirror; her amber hair is dyed black as midnight. More contouring and a few fluffs of powder, then she twirls, snaps some selfies, and posts them to Instagram. In 30 minutes, Juliette has gone from Louisiana bayou kid to teen schoolgirl to glam diva.

Juliette Brunet, 16, and her brother Howard, 18, star in an award-winning documentary called Lowland Kids. They live with their uncle, Chris Brunet (Choctaw), on a green sliver of land called Isle de Jean Charles, which lies half-drowned in the fragile marshlands of southern Louisiana.