Saints Honor America’s WETLAND During Monday Night Football

Saints Honor America’s WETLAND During Monday Night Football

The New Orleans Saints dedicated last night’s nationally televised game against the Philadelphia Eagles as “America’s WETLAND Foundation Day at the Dome.”

To illustrate the dramatic nature of Louisiana’s ongoing coastal land loss, a public service announcement during the game depicted the virtual flooding of LSU’s Tiger Stadium. The state loses a football field of land about every 50 minutes.

“We are very appreciative of the ongoing support of the New Orleans Saints for our efforts to help save America’s WETLAND. This game provided a way to get the word out to millions of football fans that Louisiana’s coast is important to the entire country,” said King Milling, chair of America’s WETLAND Foundation.

“In the time it took the Saints to beat the Eagles, Louisiana lost the equivalent of four football fields of land,” said Val Marmillion, managing director of the America’s WETLAND Foundation. “The Saints are helping us to get the word out and to turn the tide so that we can secure our coast’s vital national assets.”

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