Terrebonne Parish Restoration, Monitoring & Access Project

Restoration:Raccoon Island Conservation Stabilization with Mangroves Raccoon Island is located where Terrebonne Parish meets the Gulf of Mexico. The island supports invaluable nesting colonies of shorebirds. The island also protects the communities of Theriot, Dulac, Cocodrie, Chauvin, and Houma, as well as the Houma Navigation Canal and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. The Island also supports […]

Sediment Capture Syphon Barge

We propose to construct a solar power Sediment Capture Syphon Barge that will capture sediment to build a levy enclosure around open salt water where there was once land.  Then the Tide Pump system will later be constructed to pump out the enclosure and bring back dry land.