Terrebonne Biodiversity and Resiliency Project at Bayou Terrebonne

This project restored 50 acres of marsh located on private land near the city of Montegut, Louisiana, by creating 12,000 linear feet of terraces. The newly built terraces were planted with 5,000 cypress trees and 35,000 marsh grass plugs. The project is helping to protect a taxpayer-funded levee that protects the communities of Chauvin, Montegut and Houma. The economic value of the restoration is estimated at $380,496 per year and CO2 sequestration is estimated at 111 – 114 tons per year. The restoration will also improve water quality by reducing phosphorus and nitrogen.  Check out the Point-Aux-Chenes project here.

Year Started:2018
Year Completed:2019
Duration of Project:1 year
Cost:$2.5 million