Marsh Restoration Utilizing Small Dredge Technology

During 2010-2013, a custom-built mini dredge filled 1.5 acres of open water with material from an adjacent canal. In 2015 a small dredge filled an additional 15 acres of open water with material from an adjacent canal.  Subsequent natural plant colonization and recruitment has resulted in 10 acres of new marsh by July 2018.

This project directly restored 10 acres of intermediate marsh and indirectly 400 additional acres were enhanced by overflow and nutrient enrichment in an area heavily damaged by hurricanes Rita and Issac. Decreasing marsh fragmentation and increasing marsh health and resilience supports a wide array of wildlife and estuarine species and reduces storm surge impacts leeward of any storm.

Year Started2010
Year Completed2018
Duration of Project8 years
Lead Audubon
Funders:Walton Family Foundation, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation & Pennies for the Planet