NYT: As Climate Risk Grows, Cities Test a Tough Strategy: Saying ‘No’ to Developers

VIRGINIA BEACH. — Glimpsed from a kayak on West Neck Creek, this swampy piece of land, a pocket of red maple and loblolly pine tucked behind growing subdivisions, doesn’t look like the stuff of existential debate. But this is where Virginia Beach, squeezed between the clamor for new housing and the relentlessness of flooding worsened...

The Advocate: Civic leader R. King Milling: Protecting and restoring Louisiana coast shouldn’t be partisan

Coastal land loss and its ensuing hurricane risk are an existential threat to Louisiana. Our state is already missing 2,000 square miles of coast and we are on track to lose between 2,250 to 4,000 more square miles in the coming 50 years. Given the crisis at hand, we have no time for partisanship and...

Inside Climate News: As Climate Change Threatens Midwest’s Cultural Identity, Cities Test Ways to Adapt

Spring floods, hot summers and warmer winters have been wake-up calls as global warming raises the risks for everything from ice fishing to growing seasons. Part of the Midwest newsroom collaborative project Unfamiliar Ground. Think of a Minnesota with almost no ice fishing. A Missouri that is as hot and dry as Texas. River and...

WaPo: Amid flooding and rising sea levels, residents of one barrier island wonder if it’s time to retreat

OCRACOKE, N.C. — On any normal late-fall day, the ferries that ply the 30 miles between Swan Quarter and this barrier island might carry vacationing retirees, sports fishermen and residents enjoying mainland getaways after the busy summer tourist season. But two months ago, Hurricane Dorian washed away all signs of normalcy here. After buzz-cutting the...

VIDEO: AP: What Can Be Saved?

AP’s in-depth series gave you a close-up view of valiant efforts to restore our rapidly vanishing wetlands and examined their deep contributions to the planet. Next week, learn about China’s ambitious plan to protect and replenish precious natural habitats.

Houma Today: Committee hears bill to increase state share of offshore drilling money

A top Louisiana environmental official testified in front of a Senate committee today, supporting a bill that would increase the state’s share of revenue from offshore drilling. The U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources held a hearing on the COASTAL Act , which is co-authored by Republican Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy.

Business Journal: Mr. Kline goes to Washington, pushing for more offshore drilling money for Louisiana

The chairman of Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority is scheduled to testify Thursday before a Congressional committee in support of legislation that would give coastal states a greater share of revenues generated by offshore drilling activity in the Gulf of Mexico. CPRA Board Chair Chip Kline will testify before the Senate Energy and Natural...

Climate Connections: With sea levels rising, these strategies could help coastal communities prepare

Among the many points driven home by the likely climate change-fueled destruction and property losses unleashed by recent hurricanes and torrential rains: A lot of U.S. homes are in harm’s way from sea-level rise, storm surges, and punishing winds. If they’re damaged, odds are they’ll be rebuilt at the same locations, remaining in harm’s way....

Huff Po: 22 Minutes In The Life Of Louisiana’s Climate Refugees

In “Lowland Kids,” two teenagers grapple with leaving an island that’s sinking before their very eyes. Chris Brunet has a tough decision to make, and he’s quickly running out of time. As a lifelong resident of Isle de Jean Charles, Brunet, 54, is considered to be among America’s first “climate refugees.” He’s contemplating whether to...

Advocate: Letters: Vast challenges for America with rising sea levels

Today’s news is full of gloom and doom tied to sea-level rise projections. The magnitude of the issue is hard to digest for many who have homes in coastal America. According to flood inundation maps released by Climate Central and the real estate website, Zillow, close to $1 trillion in real estate will be lost...
Oct Mark Schleifstein: Louisiana is backsliding after making environmental progress. It’s troubling.

Louisiana’s 100-year romance with the petrochemical industry has come with an undeniably steep human price tag. Tens of thousands of people, living cheek-by-jowl with belching plants along the Mississippi River, are exposed to toxic chemicals at rates that are among the highest in the United States, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

HuffPo: Rising Sea Levels To Affect 3 Times More People Than Once Feared: Study

Roughly 300 million people may lose their homes by 2050 due to coastal flooding, a new study examining land elevation finds. The number of people at risk of coastal flooding over the next 30 years is three times higher than previously believed, according to an alarming new study examining land elevation and climate change. According to...

Sun Sentinel: Sea-level rise: Adapt or retreat | Opinion

Today’s news is full of gloom and doom tied to sea-level rise projections. The magnitude of the issue is hard to digest for many who have homes in coastal America. When I resided in Coral Ridge, it was an oddity to see water on the streets, an occurrence that has now become all too commonplace....

NYT: Rising Seas Will Erase More Cities by 2050, New Research Shows

Rising seas could affect three times more people by 2050 than previously thought, according to new research, threatening to all but erase some of the world’s great coastal cities.

NPR: In Texas, Home Sellers Must Now Disclose More About The Risk Of Flooding

When Arthur Mosely moved to East Austin in the 1980s he didn’t worry about flooding. His property was not in a designated floodplain, and he thought of the creek that ran behind the house as an amenity. It guaranteed privacy and a green space full of muscadine grapes and pecan trees. But over the years...
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