Meet the Estys

These nine lovable action heroes are the mascots for the America’s WETLAND campaign to save coastal Louisiana. Each of the Estys lives in America’s WETLAND and is depending on us to save their habitat. Kids across the country have met Captain Eddy and his Estuarian friends and learned more about why America’s WETLAND is so important to life in the Gulf Coast and throughout the nation!

Ahoy, mates. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you learn a lot about our home as you explore our website. Here you will find lots of information about America’s WETLAND, the valuable landscape located along Louisiana’s coast. Many creatures spend all or part of their lives in the wetland. America’s WETLAND is also a place that is valuable to people for homes, natural resources and recreation.

Sadly, America’s WETLAND is vanishing at a rate of 24 square miles a year! My friends and I hope you will help us by learning more and spreading the word.

For America’s WETLAND, this is

Captain Eddy 

Click on each of the Estuarians to learn more about what the wetlands do for you and how you can help save them.