LPBF: Falling with Style (and Intention)

LPBF’s Coast & Community Scientists Experiment with a New Approach to Swamp Restoration

Overhead a plane glides across the marsh. It looks like rain, but the sky is bright, and the sun is shining. All around, seeds are falling, with style and intention.

Right now our coast is losing one football field of land every 100 minutes, and as this land vanishes, so does the natural buffer it provides. One major effort to curb this trend are projects aimed at restoring swamplands. Swamps support tree growth, and a forested swamp benefits our communities because it slows and absorbs storm surge. Making these projects possible across the coast, volunteers trudge through the marsh to plant cypress and other saplings, in the hope of restoring a swamp dense with forest. In a single day, a group of 20 can cover the marsh with as many as 500 trees, planting one sapling at a time. While that is a remarkable effort, future innovation is necessary if we hope to restore as much of our coast as possible.

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