Letter to President Obama re: CWA Fines

December 3, 2010

President Barack Obama The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

It is with great urgency I write to you on behalf of the America’s WETLAND Foundation. With Congress on the brink of holiday recess and with a new year that holds little promise for compromise on any front, the current lame duck session may be our best hope for immediate action that would dedicate a significant portion of Clean Water Act fines against BP to Gulf restoration.

We ask the Administration to put its full support behind such a dedication of funds to the region, both impacted by the BP oil leak and most vulnerable to sea level rise, natural and manmade disasters. This region serves the entire nation, supplying the country with 90 percent of its offshore domestic energy supply and the bulk of its refining capacity, moving much of America’s commerce through the largest port system in the world and providing the country with one-third of its seafood.

Mr. President, please fulfill your promise made back in June of this year to “make the Gulf better than it was before the spill.” The Mabus report sets out recommendations to do that and the time is now.

The America’s WETLAND Foundation was founded on the premise that all coastal interests must come to the table – industry, the national environmental community, academia, navigation, fisheries, municipalities, and government. One thing is understood by all – without a viable, sustainable coastal environment, the economic and energy needs it provides the nation cannot be met. Restoring our coastal wetlands, barrier islands and beaches will help ensure the resiliency and sustainability of the region and all that its coastal lands and communities support.

Thank you for considering this urgent request and we offer our assistance in any way helpful.


King Milling

Chairman, America’s WETLAND Foundation