February 2008 Newsletter

America’s WETLAND Conservation Corps Wins Innovator Award

The Southern Growth Policies Board has named the America’s WETLAND Conservation Corps (AWCC) Louisiana’s winner of the 2008 Southern Growth Innovator Award. AWCC was chosen from more than 100 nominees in the Southern region as an outstanding initiative in youth development and engagement. AWCC, which stations full-time members in parishes across the state, rallies hundreds of volunteers to promote wetland conservation and environmental awareness through volunteerism and outreach education. The award will be presented in June at the Youth: The Real Future of Louisiana conference.

Times-Picayune Builds Anticipation for Captain Eddy Throw

In the Times-Picayune’s Mardi Gras Special on January 23rd, it featured America’s WETLAND mascot Captain Eddy as one of the year’s best throws. Captain Eddy, the blue eagle that travels with the Krewe of Estys to parades, educational events, and other wetland outreach events nationwide, will be available at Mardi Gras parades across the state. The Estuarians and the Captain Eddy throw will be available at the Aquarius, Muses, Endymion, Bacchus, Orpheus, and Rex Parades.

Washing Away Reaches 272 Million

Washing Away, a documentary about the crisis that faces Louisiana’s disappearing wetlands, has reached 272 million viewers in 18 states. Created by Louisiana Public Broadcasting, Washing Away debuted in Louisiana in August of 2006. Since then, it has aired 3,412 times on public and commercial stations nationwide as well as at a diverse list of symposia and film festivals.

America’s WETLAND Thanks Senators Lieberman and Warner

For their invaluable support in addressing the challenge of Louisiana’s disappearing wetlands, America’s WETLAND and joined the National Wildlife Foundation and others to thank United States Senators Warner (R-VA) and Lieberman (I-CT). The Lieberman Warner Climate Security Act (S. 2191), currently under discussion in Congress, includes an aquatic ecosystem restoration section, twenty percent of which will be dedicated to coastal, estuarine, and freshwater ecosystem restoration.

Holiday Trash Protects Wetland Treasure

On January 12th, the America’s WETLAND Conservation Corps rallied volunteers to reinforce shoreline fences with discarded Christmas trees. A fence, especially when enlarged by the Christmas tree trunks, help breaks waves before they reach the fragile coastline behind it. Families in flat boats joined BTNEP and Jefferson Parish Department of Environmental Affairs volunteers to spend the day depositing Christmas trees along hundreds of yards of coastline.

On Valentines Day, Give Ties to the Heart of America’s WETLAND

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, America’s WETLAND is leading a promotional campaign for Pelican Coast Coastal Collection ties. Proceeds from the sale of Coastal Collection ties, which feature images of Louisiana’s culture, benefit the America’s WETLAND Foundation. To purchase a tie for the man in your life, please visit www.pelicancoastneckwear.com.

Restore America’s Estuaries Presentation Deadline Extended

Restore America’s Estuaries has extended its poster proposal deadline until February 29th. Graduate and undergraduate students are invited to share their research, ideas, or case studies with the wetland and estuary restoration community. To apply, visit program.estuaries.org.

America’s WETLAND Salutes the Laura Plantation

The Laura Plantation, a cooperating organization of America’s WETLAND, was named the 2007 attraction of the year. The Louisiana Travel Promotion Association presented the award on January 10th to people and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to Louisiana’s tourism industry.

Vote for America’s WETLAND

Luzianne Coffee will donate $50,000 to charities chosen by online voters. In their mission to make the world ‘less bitter,’ they have nominated six charities. Please click here to vote early and often for America’s WETLAND to save coastal Louisiana.