Estuarians – Shelly


Shelly is the matriarch of the group and has a flamboyant, vivacious attitude. Having seen and done so much with her long and healthy life, she loves to share her stories and is quick with an anecdote for every situation. Though she’s wise and mature, she’s still a lot of fun! She’s creative and is great at giving advice to her friends. Her name is a reference to all the shelled creatures of the sea that spend their lives in the coastal zone.


Hello, I’m very pleased to meet you! My name is Shelly, and I speak for the starfish. There are not many of my kind left around here, but I live with the Periwinkle snails, the oysters and the mussels in the coastal zone. We all play and grow here. Are you ready for your quiz?

Q: Now that you have learned so very much about America’s WETLAND, what can you do to help?

A: You have so many options. First of all, tell your parents and your teacher what you’ve learned. They can help you learn more about America’s WETLAND by ordering an Estuarian Guide for you or by emailing the people at America’s WETLAND to ask for some teaching materials for your class. We hope to hear from you very soon.

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