Estuarians – Reed


Reed is well liked by all for his good nature and strength of character. He is quick with a joke and always up for some fun. He is athletic and always enjoys a swim race with any of his friends. Though he’s pretty tough, he has a very even temper, and his friends all trust him to be measured and relaxed (and, with teeth like that, it’s a good thing, too!). His name comes from the reeds found in the wetlands, his home.


Hey, buddy. I’m Reed the reptile. Not many years ago, my kind was almost wiped out, but humans realized how important alligators are and helped us survive! Now, it’s my turn to help humans get rid of pesky nutria, a species that destroys the wetlands. They are my favorite snack. Have you ever tasted nutria? Speaking of food, I probably wouldn’t try to catch and eat you for lunch, but it would be best for you to say “hello” from a distance if you ever see me in the wetlands.

Quiz time!

Q: Did you know that, in addition to protecting animals, the wetlands protect humans, too? How do you think they do that?

A: The wetlands are Louisiana’s first line of defense against hurricanes. Since they’re right next to the water, they can block dangerous waves before they reach populated areas. Cool, huh?

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