Estuarians – Pearl


Pearl is the historian of the group and is enthusiastic about saving the region’s unique culture in which she is immersed. She is extremely well read, and, before learning to speak fluent English, Ancient Greek and Japanese, she spoke only French with her parents and many brothers and sisters.


Bonjour, mes amis! My name is Pearl the pelican. I live on the barrier islands of America’s WETLAND. These islands really are “barriers” that protect America’s WETLAND against hurricane winds and tidal surges. The islands were once much larger than they are now, with fishing camps, cattle and even a hotel. But hurricanes destroyed the buildings and caused the land loss that my friends and I are trying to stop. Now, the people are gone, but I’m still here to keep an eye on things. I get to see first hand how coastal restoration projects are starting to rebuild the barrier islands.

Restoring the barrier islands is a big step toward saving the wetlands and preserving Louisiana’s unique culture. I myself enjoy culture a great deal. Et tu? But, before I give you too many French lessons, I have a question for you about America’s WETLAND.

Q: Speaking of culture, there are a lot of fun things for Louisianan families to do in the wetlands. Can you name some?

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