Estuarians – Mossy


Mossy is mysterious, intelligent and somewhat shy. Though she’s not always the first to explain her opinion or volunteer for a game, she’s very perceptive. Named after the moss commonly found in the swamp, beneath which she often hides, she is definitely the old sage of the group.


I am Mossy the water moccasin. Maybe you’ve seen something called Spanish moss? It hangs from trees all over America’s WETLAND. Moss is very common here in Louisiana and so are water moccasins like me. I hide in a variety of places. You might find me under a log or swimming in a bayou or lake. The scenery is beautiful where I live. Why don’t you come and visit me sometime?

Are you ready for a very important question?

Q: If you have an idea for essays, photos or artwork about America’s WETLAND, what can you do with it?

A: As a matter of fact, you might use it to win $500 for a wetland event at your school. Neat, huh? All you have to do is enter your ideas into  “America’s WETLAND Keep Your Eye on the Prize” contest. Check back to the America’s WETLAND website in March 2009 to find out how to enter.

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