Estuarians – Eddy

Captain Eddy

As the American Bald Eagle nests in America’s WETLAND, it is only natural that Eddy acts as the “captain” of the group. He is a real charmer but is also a strong, stern leader. He is named “Eddy” to bring to mind the ocean current and the “ebb and flow” associated with the tides.

His captain title is a nod to his leadership position within the group and also brings in the association to a ship’s captain.


Ahoy, mates! Captain Eddy the eagle here. I’ll be your captain during your journey through America’s WETLAND. Let’s start with a quick fact!

Q: Does anyone know how quickly America’s WETLAND, which is the land along the Louisiana coast, is disappearing?

A: Every hour, on average, we lose a chunk of land the size of a football field!

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