Estuarians – Delta


Delta is perky, bright and a little playful. She is the cheerleader for the group and has a bouncy personality. She always has more energy than any of her Esty friends, so, when she’s worn them all out with water games, she’s happy to splash and play by herself, too. She is named after the river delta.


Hey, gang. My name is Delta, and I’m a dolphin. I’m named after the part of the river that helped form America’s WETLAND. The Mississippi River Delta was formed when sediments were carried southward from the Mississippi, Missouri, Platte and Red Rivers. That sediment — which means the dirt and rocks and stuff at the bottom of the river — piled up to make the coastal wetlands when the river reached the Gulf. Now, I have a question for you.

Q: If the sediment carried by the Mississippi River built the wetlands, how come it’s not rebuilding them as time goes by?

A: Well, since the time when the Mississippi River helped build the wetlands, humans have built dams and changed its course a bit. Therefore, all that sediment isn’t being carried to the wetlands. Meanwhile, the sediment the Mississippi brought to the wetlands a long time ago is being washed away in the Gulf of Mexico. We need to get all that good sediment from the Mississippi to replenish America’s WETLAND