“Constant Storm” Hits Home

“Constant Storm” Hits Home

Building on the Capitol Hill release of the Blue Ribbon Resilient Communities Initiative final report, America’s WETLAND Foundation leadership spent last week in the Gulf region generating public support for Gulf Coast sustainability based on the report’s findings and recommendations.

Beginning with an impassioned speech to the Baton Rouge Press Club and followed by presentations, media interviews and editorial board meetings, AWF Chair R. King Milling, Managing Director Val Marmillion, and Senior Advisor Sidney Coffee delivered the message that the Gulf Coast is being battered by a constant storm. This ongoing crisis is driven by short-term thinking and piecemeal fixes that fail to address long-term, systemic problems. Ultimately, they stressed, this failure to alter the status quo will lead to accelerating coastal deterioration and the loss of tremendous national assets.

The foundation’s message continues to resonate with the public, and media coverage continues to appear throughout the Gulf, emphasizing that the report, titled, “Beyond Intended Consequences,” is a sign that the region is beginning to speak with one voice on the issues threatening the coast future.

We urge you to contact your state and federal representatives and ask them to consider the report and its recommendations and support a strong regional voice for Gulf Coast sustainability.

View a sample of recent media coverage below. To download a copy of the report, click here