Celebrate Earth Day with an America’s WETLAND Special Issue License Plate

In preparation of Earth Day on April 22, Louisiana drivers are encouraged to purchase an America’s WETLAND special license plate as a visible sign of their commitment to saving one of the most important ecological masterpieces – the state’s disappearing coast.

Anyone with a vehicle registered in Louisiana can support America’s WETLAND by purchasing the special license plate now available through the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. Those interested in obtaining the new license plates may visit the Office of Motor Vehicles website http://omv.dps.state.la.us/ to calculate the cost to covert your current plate to an America’s WETLAND plate or to find the nearest office. The license plate purchase will support efforts to raise awareness about the critical need for Louisiana to develop a sustainable coast.

“Proudly displaying an America’s WETLAND license plate on your car is a great way to celebrate Earth Day,” said Sidney Coffee, Chair of the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. “Louisiana’s wetlands are one of the most valuable and threatened areas in the world and by getting an America’s WETLAND plate you are demonstrating your support for coastal restoration every time you take a drive.”

America’s WETLAND – home to 79 rare, threatened, and endangered species and wintering habitat for more than 5 million waterfowl and songbirds – is vanishing from the coast of Louisiana. The area loses 24 square miles a year, or the equivalent of a football field every 38 minutes America’s WETLAND protects the nation’s most important petrochemical complex and is vital to America’s economic and energy security, as it produces and transports 30 percent of the nation’s domestic crude oil and 34 percent of its natural gas.

“These plates will be a constant reminder that the fight to save coastal Louisiana is far from over and that we must keep this issue ever present in the minds of the public and policy makers,” said R. King Milling, Chair, America’s WETLAND Foundation.

Since the first Earth Day more than 30 years ago, people around the world have been creating their own ways to celebrate Earth, to observe the beauty and vitality of nature and to renew their commitment to saving our living planet and this year, it is Louisiana’s turn. This year, Louisianans have a new way to help turn back the tide of coastal land loss by ordering an America’s WETLAND special plate.