Miami Herald: Miami Beach is waging war on sea rise. One idea: Turn a golf course into wetlands

Miami Beach has been ahead of the curve in sea level rise adaptation for years. The city is spending half a billion dollars to pump and pipe rising seas off the island city, a move that has earned it international acclaim (and some local complaints). But a recent proposal by a city-paid consultant offered a...
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Inside Climate News: Rising seas threaten Norfolk Naval Shipyard, raising fears of ‘catastrophic damage’

“Every year you wait to make decisions and take actions, the risk goes up,” said retired Rear Adm. Jonathan White. By Nicholas Kusnetz, InsideClimate News PORTSMOUTH, Va. — At the foot of the Chesapeake Bay in southeast Virginia lies a Naval shipyard older than the nation itself. One of the country’s first warships was built...
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Curbed: Man vs. nature Can engineering save Louisiana’s coastline?

By Nate Berg Down at the southern tip of Louisiana, on a barrier island called Grand Isle, the stilts holding up the houses are getting taller. There are about 20 feet of air between the ground and the top of the pilings holding up a new two-story house on the island’s main drag, running parallel...
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