AWF Statement in response to Governor Edwards’ announcement of restored coastal funding and new leadership

BATON ROUGE, LA – The America’s WETLAND Foundation applauds Governor John Bel Edwards’ commitment to Louisiana’s coast and his announcement today to restore to the state’s coastal program $55 million in surplus dollars that were swept by the Jindal Administration. The dollars will now go where they were meant to go – to critically needed coastal restoration projects.
In addition, the governor’s designation today of more than $300 million through GOMESA funds to hurricane protection projects will go far to keep residents and critical infrastructure safe in coastal communities. The Gulf of Mexico Security Act (GOMESA) that shares offshore oil and gas revenues with the state was a long fought battle and the benefits are finally coming home to Louisiana’s coast to be spent wisely and efficiently.
Finally, we heartily endorse Governor Edwards’ appointment of Chip Kline to head his Office of Coastal Activities and to chair the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority board. His choice should bring a sigh of relief to all advocates of coastal Louisiana. Kline brings the knowledge, experience and balance needed now to steady the coastal program and navigate the challenges that lie ahead.
The governor is clearly standing strong for our coast and putting his commitment where the urgency for action is.  It is good day for Louisiana.

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