Amendment to CLEAR Act

We wanted to bring to your attention activities on Capitol Hill that are important to the future of America’s WETLAND.

Governor Bob Riley of Alabama was in Washington, DC, this week meeting with Administration and Hill leaders about the need for accelerating the timetable for OCS revenue sharing. This legislation has been part of a legislative package by Senator Mary Landrieu, who was author of the original revenue sharing legislation. According to Riley, “I’m tired of every state in the union getting the same amount of reward for royalties and Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas taking all the risks. That’s just not right,” Riley said.

A series of ads placed in DC and Louisiana publications by the Foundation and prominent environmental groups requested that acceleration of OCS revenue sharing be part of the solution to coastal erosion.

Louisiana Rep. Charles Melancon’s amendment to the CLEAR Act (HR 3534, the Consolidated Land, Energy, and Aquatic Resources Act), which would provide $1 BILLION in dedicated funding for restoration of the Gulf Coast and coastal Louisiana, passed the House and is now up for debate in the Senate.

We need your help by letting your Senators know that this funding is critical to coastal restoration and should be supported by the Senate.

The Gulf Coast Restoration Amendment creates a restoration task force, made up of the five Gulf Coast Governors and representatives of relevant federal agencies. Nine months after enactment, the task force must submit a detailed Gulf of Mexico restoration plan. Upon completion, the plan will be submitted to Congress, who will then fund listed projects using $1 billion collected from Clean Water Act penalties assessed from BP.

The funded projects will be large-scale restoration projects, endorsed by the Gulf Coast governors and federal agency heads. These projects will benefit all regions of the Gulf Coast and provide a restoration framework that will restore water quality, protect wildlife and ensure resiliency of the coastal wetlands in the face of the oil rig explosion and leak.

Thank you for your continued support for saving America’s WETLAND.