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River charts new course

Scientists saw something new happen to the lower Mississippi River on Mardi Gras Day — the birth of a new Mississippi River pass.


Students at Episcopal Day School help replant the Wetlands

Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School students are spending two days in Cameron Parish replanting wetlands. 58 students will be in Cameron Parish from 9:00 a.m. until Noon on Thursday, May 10, and Friday, May11, helping plant 9,000 marsh grasses, called Bitter Panicum, that will help protect the coast.


Legislator says coastal plan not optional for state

Louisiana has little choice but to adopt a $50 billion plan to pay for projects that would protect and restore the state’s coastline, the second-highest-ranking member of the Louisiana House of Representatives said Monday.


Restore America’s Estuaries Releases Landmark Climate/Coastal Habitat Restoration Report

A landmark study released today by Restore America’s Estuaries (RAE) for the first time links ecologically important coastal habitat restoration with adaptation and mitigation strategies as a way to reduce the impacts of ongoing global climate change.


Editorial: We must save state’s unique treasures in coastal wetlands

One of Louisiana’s most popular businesses, the McIlhenny Company of Avery Island, announced recently a program to let the world know about our state’s vanishing wetlands.


Students Participating in LSU’s Coastal Roots Program Honored by America’s Wetland Foundation

Students from two schools in the LSU College of Education’s Coastal Roots Program won five of the nine awards in America’s Wetland Foundation’s “Keep Your Eye on the Prize” contest in February.


Special message

Iberia Parish’s best-known business is getting more involved in the fight for Louisiana’s coast.


Restoring Louisiana coast a national priority, report says

Louisiana and the nation can't wait 50 years to restore economically and environmentally important coastal wetlands, a task that is likely to cost $50 billion or more, says a new report released Monday by a team of state and national environmental and social scientists and engineers. And the rest of the nation should shoulder part of the cost, the report says.


Entergy Donates $200,000 to America's Wetland Foundation

America's Wetland Foundation has received a $200,000 grant from Entergy Corporation to help the group build public support for policies that protect the Gulf Coast region from a changing environment.


Hundreds of Leaders Across the State Meet to Discuss Coastal Restoration

Hundreds of leaders from across the state met at Avery Island to discuss ways to restore Louisiana's wetlands. St. Mary Parish president Paul Naquin is worried about the future of his parish.


Tabasco CEO to bring attention to Louisiana's wetlands

The campaign to save Louisiana's wetlands is getting worldwide attention. The Chairman and CEO of the McIlhenny Company, Paul McIlhenny, said both the America's Wetlands logo and information on how to save the wetlands will be printed on bottles of Tabasco Hot Sauce.


Tabasco Joins Wetlands Preservation Efforts

abasco wants to save our wetlands and Wednesday CEO Paul McIlhenny outlined his company's plans at a press conference in Avery Island. The Gulf Coast could suffer more than 350 billion dollars in economic losses over the next 20 years and that has the CEO and Chairman of Tabasco speaking out and helping out.


Tabasco Joins Forces with America's Wetland Foundation to Fight Coastal Erosion

The makers of Tabasco hot sauce are putting a message on their boxes to stir interest and possibly donations for helping the America’s Wetland Foundation preserve the coast. Paul McIlhenny runs the company on Avery Island in marshland south of New Iberia. The company has spent millions building levees around it land and factory for protection against stronger storms with higher surges.


Big River Works: Building Cooperation to Sustain the Mississippi River Systems Webinar

Working with states that are home to rivers and tributaries that flow into the Mississippi River — Missouri, Arkansas, Red, Illinois, Ohio and outflow rivers – a new effort is underway to connect policymakers and engage the public in a discussion about the health of those rivers and their flow into America’s Energy Coast. Learn about the science in place and how you can participate in planned events and contribute to the process.


Putting a priority on Louisiana's coast: An editorial

Eighty-six percent of the 801 Louisianians surveyed by Southern Media & Opinion Research said they support a legislative vote for the plan. An even higher number of respondents -- 91 percent -- said the coast and wetlands are very important to Louisiana.

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